Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All I Have to Say About Belgium Is...

Yes, I went to Rome and I haven't blogged about it yet, I know I am behind. So I figure I'll fill you in on last weekend's trip to Belgium..Brugges and Brussels to be exact..because there really wasn't much to say. It was an awesome place, lots of fun and lots of good food. This is what I got out of my trip:

1. Delicious Chocolates, even the cheap stuff is good
2. Delicious Waffles, plain or with ice cream or with melted chocolate..great
3. Delicious "French Fries"... French fries are actually Belgian, American soldiers were just dumb when French speaking Belgians gave them the fries they automatically thought they were French..but veryyy yummy
4. Belgian Beer..i'm not the biggest beer connoisseur but the beers were good and different

thats really all there is to say about Belgium...

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