Monday, February 22, 2010

A Few Days as a Galway Girl

London had been treating me well but Wednesday me Cam and KP left Great Britain and headed to Galway Ireland. We got to Galway just in time for dinner, and we went out for the night and experienced Galway's nightlife. It precious really, a whole street lined with tons of bars and pubs filled with people drinking their Guinesses!

Day 2 was catch up on sleep day! After having gotten little to no sleep in London and the first night in Ireland, we needed to rest! Jimmy, our tour guide, had class in the morning so we got to sleep until he was back and we walked around Galway a bit. It was so sunny and nice out, a big change from Strasbourg! We walked down this wharf, which made me as close to America as I will ever be this whole semester. It was a little sad..miss you home, and mommy and daddy and everyone else!! Night #2 = repeat of night crawling through Galway, not a bad life.

Day 3 was a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher! SOOO BEAUTIFUL! It was sunny and perfect and blue and amazing. I never thought cliffs could be so cool, but they were! 

We decided to break the rules and climb over the barrier and look out over the edge of the cliffs. HUGE drop, as you can see from the other pictures. It was pretty scary but soo cool. I wish I could have taken a picture looking down at the water, but if that was the case, my poor camera might have plummeted to its death and there would be no more I had someone who was safely away from the edge of the cliff capture this Kodak moment.

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