Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Night We Slept in Stuttgart

Thursday night was definitley an interesting one. For winter break we had planned a fabulous trip to London and Galway, Ireland filled with sightseeing and friends. Unfortunately we had one tiny hurdle to overcome...the airport. We had flights out of some random airport in Germany at 7:25 AM on Friday (thats what you get for booking the absolute cheapest flights possible, random times at random airports!). Yes our flight was so early on Friday we couldn't get a train out of Strasbourg for that morning so we had to take the last one out on Thursday night. Which meant a comfortable night hanging out in the airport! Funny story, Stuttgart is a tiny airport and so when we got there everythinggg was closed! No food for the weary and no rest either because we were all so scared someone would steal all our stuff! Luckily there was 6 of us so at least we had numbers on our side! Starving, and thinking that noone spoke English, as a security guard walked by I complained to him like a six year old that I was hungry. He kept walking...so I thought. Two minutes later he came back and asked me "You are hungry? You like McDonalds?" haha I was like yes!! He gave us directions for a 24 hr Mcdonalds about 200 meters from the airport. Six overtired and starving girls couldn't have been happier! We packed up and trekked over to McDonalds. Don't forget that McDonalds in Europe is legit. Its chic and have a slightly different menu, and when you order something it looks like the picture! One McFlurry and "fries Deluxe" (steak fries) later and we were getting kicked out of Mickey D's and had to go back to the airport. Not gunna lie, sleep didn't happen because I basically lied down with my eyes closed clutching my backpack for dear life and wrapping my legs around my suitcase so no one would steal them. Plus the florescent lights didn't help. Basically Stuttgart was an experience, not necessarily one I would like to repeat, nor should repeat but pretty funny all the same. Probably not the best idea ever either to start my ten day travel plans absolutly exhausted running on zero sleep. Something to keep in mind for next time!

Still in London, Galway on Wednesday...sooo much to say but no time while here to say it. Don't worry stories and pictures of the trip are to come!

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