Thursday, February 18, 2010

Londontown Part 2

As if the first two days in London weren't enough, we still had three more days ahead of us to wreak havoc and be tourists. To finish off Sunday when we did the Tower Bridge etc, we had to be true Americans and watch some good real American Football! It was the Superbowl and there was nothing that was going to stop me from seeing that! Even though my loves the Patriots had a poor showing this season and we're in it, I have a wonderful hatred for Peyton Manning and wanted nothing more than to see him lose. We went to the LSE (London School of Economics) student bar where they had it playing on a big projector and I watched Peyton get the beating I had been wishing for. It was an extremely American night, including beer pong, BC boys, and pitchers of beer. The only thing truly to be desired was the actual American commercials, and the American commentary. I swear the Brits pulled the first American they saw off the street and asked them to say whatever they knew about football. I mean I could have done a better job commentating the game! But either way, fabulous American night in London.

After having stayed up till 4am watching the end of the Superbowl, Monday started a little bit later than the other days. But no worries, we met up with Shannon and went to Heaven..I mean Harrods.
 Harrods was by far one of the coolest things I did in London, and that's saying something! This department store is truly Vogue and every fashion magazine just organized into floors and sections. Complete with a "food court" that resembles something more like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and the best supermarket you've ever been to mixed into one. It was a fantasy land. Egyptian styled escalators brought you between floors, where you could wander through departments that sold everything from Dior to pots and pans and outdoor patio sets. There was no way we were ever going to see the whole thing but we spent a good amount of the day in it before ending the day with a nice dinner with Shan. That night we went out to Tiger Tiger, a club formerly frequented my Prince William and Harry (before there was a slight terror scare so they don't go there anymore) but still no reason for us not to go! Once again, veryyy cool and I can see why the Princes played there.

Tiger Tiger did not let us down, except for Tuesday morning when we all had to wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to the changing of the guards on time. Not totally all it's cracked up to be in my opinion. It's a bunch of guys marching and stomping and really its a marching band show. It was cold the day we went too so they didn't even have the cool red coats on, although we did see these guys on our way in.
Next stop for any true Harry Potter fan was King's Cross Station to Platform 9 3/4. There was a small part of me that thought I might make it through the platform although I knew it wasn't possible because it wasn't September 1st anyway ;)

Then of course had to take the classic picture of the classic telephone booth! Funny how I actually used them a few times while I was there.

Then to finish off Tuesday we hit up the Absolut Ice Bar in London. Only 12 pounds for 45 mins, a free drink, the opportunity to wear the coolest capes ever, and some amazing memories. That place was sooo cool! Everything was made of Ice..and when I say everything I mean the seats, the bar,the walls, and the glasses! It was unreal. Definitely wouldn't want to stay longer that 45 mins because it got cold! but I would go again in a heart beat!
That's all for London, but Galway stories are to come!

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