Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winning London

Yes, getting to London may have been a slight fiasco, and finding people when we arrived became a second fiasco but overall, London was AMAZING! So as you know we slept in the airport, so we were obviously on time for our flight. success #1. Get off the plane at Heathrow, and navigate the tube to where we were staying. success #2. Get in touch with the boys and make a meeting time and place. success #3. Go to the meeting place Big Ben and walk around for an hour looking for the boys. No where to be found, and did I mention our French phones didn't work because we forgot to activate them internationally (and my parents have yet to cave and reactivate the Blackberry..get on that mom and dad!) so we had no way of getting in touch with anyone. After a slight mental freak out, we did what any tourist would do and used a classic London payphone! I had our friend Shannon's london number so after about 6 tries we finally get through to her, and I scream into the phone like "ah we're stuck at a payphone can't find anyone don't know what to do and have no more pense" Luckily Shan's a saint and hopped on the tube to come save us! We walked around Westminster and saw Big Ben, Parliament, then waited in a pub across the street from where we were staying waiting for the boys to get out of class. A few pints later and lots of catching up, our first day in London was bloody brilliant! ;) That night all us Sandwich girls and all our BC boys went out to a megaclub in London called Fabric that night. It was unbelievable! They don't have clubs like that in Strasbourg! soo fun!
 Saturday we went to the Manchester United Game...AMAZING!! We woke up wayyy too early, caught a 2 hour train ride out to Manchester and had so much fun! Being with all out BC friends at such a huge sporting event, I couldn't help but feel a little at home like I was at a BC football game. We went to a great pub called the Trafford, right next to Old Trafford where the Manchester United Red Devils play, and had beers with all the local fans. We had a few pints, learned a few cheers got a little rowdy, it was everything I ever wanted in a Premier League match. Not to mention the game itself! We had pretty decent seats right next to the Man U season ticket hardcore fan section, so we were right in the thick of all the awesome chants and cheers and boos. It was good and bad that Man U was playing the worst team in the league, because although it wasn't the best match ever, we got to see goals!! 5 goals! and the place went wild for every single one of them! Unbelievable once in a lifetime experience for me! 

Some BC, some Wisconsin and some Irish
The scarves we're all wearing are a protest against the American owners of the team. They weren't protesting us Americans..just the owners, and the scarves were free so why not?!

This is the Tower Bridge of London...kinda famous. We saw this and did a tour of it, went up and walked across the walkway. Pretty amazing views! We saw London Bridge too..pretty lame if you ask me, looks like a normal bridge with a sign on it, this one is better trust me! 
Below is one of the "guards"/greeters at the Tower of London which holds the crown jewels and stuff. The boys didn't want to go in because they had seen it before, and we didn't really have time, but I was dying to see all the pretty DIAMONDS!
Okay so that's part 1 of a very longggg trip! Sorry its taking so long, to post I'm still catching up on sleep!

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