Monday, January 25, 2010

Eating Yummy Germaaaaan food YAA!

In case you didn't know, Strasbourg is legitimately a hop skip and a jump away from Germany. So the other night we decided to try our luck across the border and go have a wicked heavy, huge German meal, with German beers to go with it. We didn't really know where would be a good place to go, so we just went to a little town on the map right across the border, not the best town in the world....but we found some GREAT food!

Here is the German beer that they were advertising, so naturally we all had to try it!...note the little doily around the bottom and the HUUUGE head of super crazy thick foam!

All the Girls with our GERMANN beeers. We were the annoying americans saying everything in the completely overdone German accent. It made everything taste better though I swear! and really got us in the spirit of Germanyyy!

No idea what my meal was called! Couldn't even pronounce it or try and retype it here even if I vaguely remembered it. All I know was that it was roasted pork with the best gravy/sauce I've ever had with mushrooms and tomatoes...and SPAETZLE! Spaetzle is so good! and soo German!! My meal was everything I ever could have wanted out my German was sooo good!

Here are the other girls food! Cammie had German sausages...great choice! and the other girls got a traditional farmer's plate served on wooden plates with yummy pork and veggies. We all had a little potato soup too and as much as I love Panera, this potato soup owned Panera's! But on a different note I do miss Panera, and iced coffee more than I could have imagined!

After we sat for like twenty minutes and attempted to digest the monster meals we had just ate we decided to top off the night with monster desserts! We got gelato but it was more like ice cream, but still amazing none the less! Cam got a crepe, I didn't manage to get a bite before she had finished it haha but as you can see from the picture below, it looked amazing!

That's my giant sundae with more whipped cream on top than I've had in my entire life. Homemade, thick creamy whipped cream to be exact. Three scoops of deliciousness later, none of us could move and we went home with huge food comas! Great experience though! And next time in Germany we'll go to a biergarten and hopefully not eat as much food!!

On a completely random note, when I am not eating out in Germany, I am cooking more at home than ever. We have two hours everyday for lunch because almost everything here closes from 12-2! So it forces us to come home and make food. As I mentioned earlier I've been living off ham and cheese sandwiches, tunafish, eggs, sausage, pasta and salads. But don't be fooled and think these are stupid American foods that are not special at all. We've been making great salads with egg and ham like they do in France, and the sandwiches are on delicious French bread that we buy fresh that day. The cheeses are obviously better than anything I've had in America. What I'm trying to say is that ALLLLL the food here is soo good! Even the stuff that I cook at home, I swear it's ten times better than whenever I make anything in America. Maybe I'll come back an awesome chef specializing in French food...doubtful but I'll definitely be a specialist in tasting european food!


  1. a lot of food there hales. and i am really surprised that you didnt get a bite of cam's crepe because you usually make a note of grabbing a bite of my food before i even start.

  2. You are going to need an extra seat on the flight home and it won't be for your bags!

  3. Looks like you're all having a great time!