Sunday, January 24, 2010

La Petite France

There is a little place in Strasbourg that is called La Petite France. It is the oldest part of the city and it is located on all these little waterways. On Friday we decided to check it out because we'd heard so much about how cute it was! Here are some picturesss

Not exactly the best hasn't been nice weather since I've been here. It is officially never sunny in Strasbourg...the sun tries sooooo hard to come out, I've seen a piece of blue sky once. I'm keeping my hopes up though! "the sun will come out tomorrow!!!"

This is one of the parts of Strasbourg that we see posters of. These are like some type of watchtowers I think? I know there is some story behind them and there is definitely a better view of them I just didn't find it! 

This is me Cammie and Kelsey in front of some old building in Petite France. Turns out we thought we were in Petite France and at some point we had wandered out of it for most of the day. At this point though we were still there! Seriously walking around was like walking around Disney..the buildings didn't look real at all! I felt like I was back in Epcot or something, it was soo cool. We're planning on going back and staying longer, seeing more, and eating at a restaurant we found online that is supposed to be like unreal. So stay tuned for that update!

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