Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So here I am sitting in a hotel room in TORONTO!!!!!! Not on a flight to Germany to get to France where I am supposed to be going!...My first flight was running late but me and cam still made it to the gate with time to spare. We sat and waited at the gate, NO ONE had even boarded. so they finally call our row...and we give them our boarding passports and they say"come step aside over don't have a seat." I was like WHAT!?! I booked my flight and personally picked my seat 31K next to cammie four whole months ago!!! Then the guy at the counter tells us that because our flight was delayed a little they weren't sure we would make it on time so the computer automatically took us off the flight!! THEY GAVE AWAY OUR SEATS! we watched our plane take was the worst thing i could have ever imagined on my way to France!

So then we go to the customer service desk and I'm like "get me to strasbourg, France by 8 AM on Jan 7th...because that's my orientation and I CANNOT MISS IT!!." Tears ensued.  Basically they sucked and now me and cammie are sitting in our hotel room (with no mini bar...and the hotel bar was closed when we got here) eating reallyyyyy crappy food and looking up flights on orbitz and expedia that the stupid air canada ppl should have put us on!!! And actually found a bunch of better, earlier and much more expensive flights! So ha Air Canada! Take that! So the plan now is to wake up early and go yell at them to get us on the flights we found. Def not how i expected to spend tonight..i'm supposed to be sleeping on my flight to Frankfurt wearing my cute little eye mask and dreaming about french baguettes and nutella!! well lets just hope this is the worst of it all! Hopefully karma will work its magic and make all my other travels this semester go smoother than this one! Cross your fingers for me! I'm getting to Strasbourg one way or another!!!

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  1. Hi Haley, glad you're safe at the hotel in Toronto, sorry the food was lousy and the bar was closed!! Love you, Mom