Friday, January 22, 2010


They were right when they told me that you can find a party every night in Europe. I'm used to being pretty low key mon-thurs in the states...I mean those are school nights! and ever since I was in middle school it was almost taboo to do anything on a school night! That didn't really apply at BC but I still usually limited my going out to Thur-Sat but that doesn't apply here at all. Every night there is something going on, some barathon or themed party or something. This week I laid pretty low because I'm getting used to my class schedule which is basically non-existent. I almost never have class its really weird but welcomed!  Anyway I went out to Tapas with Chelsea Kelsey Cammie and some other international students. It was great! We had delicious sangria..i didn't realize how much I liked sangria! We made a huge failure of an attempt at making sangria in walsh last year and let me tell you it didn't taste anything like this! haha Ordering tapas was a bit of an ordeal because they were all on the menu in spanish..but their brief descriptions were in French and we're all speaking English. Lets just say by the end of all that translating we had noooo idea what we were ordering. Even the things we thought we knew what they were didn't turn out being what we thought. Everything was good though and we got to try some random new food. They had like motz sticks but they were balls haha and basically taco meat with corn, bread with like meat on them and mussels in marinara. In the end we all got some pretty good food! Adventures of this weekend still to come!

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