Monday, January 18, 2010

Pizza..the Alsatian way

Qu'est ce que j'ai fait ce weekend?.. I ate delicious Alsatian pizza. After the discotech on Thursday, like I said eariler I pretty much slept my life away on friday. But I did get up to go to a big dinner with the Eramsus (international) students at Cammie's school. It was all you can eat/drink pizza and beer. I wasn't really in the mood to drink so I stuck to water that night but I ate more than my share of pizza! The pizza was soo different than what we're used to. It was on really thin flatbread, and instead of red sauce they use like this creamy kinda cheese sauce. But don't get me wrong it was soo good! We had mushrooms and ham on them. I have never had more delicious ham than I have here, and I almost never eat ham. So now I'm like obsessed and want to have ham cheese and butter sandwiches everyday. Ya the butter sounds gross but they put it on the sandwiches and I had to try it and I must say I loved it. Don't think I'll be whipping out the land o' lakes at home, but while I'm here I shall do as the French do! For dessert they brought us the same pizza with the creamy stuff on it but instead of cheese they put chocolate chips on them! This was a dessert after my own heart..sooo good!

The rest of the weekend was just going to bars, found a good new dance club...
Sunday BC paid for us to go to the movies and go to a cafe after. I saw "Pas si simple"..which was "It's Complicated" with Meryll Streep but dubbed in French. Not going to lie I didn't understand it all. A lot of jokes and sarcasm come too fast for me to catch them so all the French people in the theater were laughing while me Cam and Chelsea were a little lost. From what I understood, the movie was cute and I'll watch it here online sometime so I can get everything that happens. At the cafe after was the best. I had my first thing of MOUSSE CHOCOLAT since i've been here and it was amazing! I really don't know how all the French people aren't huge fat tubs of lard because the desserts are sooo good here! Last night since French TV is so bad I shamelessly started  watching Vampire Diaries online. Not gunna lie i'm addicted now and that's all i have to say about that!

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