Monday, January 11, 2010

I Love Touristy Stuff!!

Today I was a huge Strasbourg tourist with Chelsea and Sarah. Our classes don't start until tomorrow so we took today to get some errands done in the morning and then explore Strasbourg a little. We went to the theater and checked out what plays were showing and then to the opera house and did the same. Apparently students a get a discount on like EVERYTHING over here. Its the train system and the TGV and everything we get awesome discounts. Like to see a play would only be like 5 euro. We went to an old "bath house" like im pretty sure it used to be where they had huge public baths..but now its just like the French YMCA. There was actually a sign there that said no swim trunks had to wear speedos hahah. umm no thanks i think i'll skip swimming with speedo clad frenchmen!

Then we followed the tram lines downtown. They have the best public transportation system here ever! its like so fast and smooth and its above ground with huuuge windows so you can see everything that is going past. And 90% of the time you can get on for free because you validate your ticket outside on the platform before you even get on but not in a place that you have to go to. You can just get on without a ticket. Apparently the transportation people come on every once in a while and  check but we're american so we can just say we didn't know and pretend we dont speak french! haha..gotta love free transportation! We walk most places anyway but its a nice option. Anyway we went downtown and went to the Cathedral Notre Dame in Strasbourg center. IT IS HUGE!!! like it is sooo tall but soo beautiful. It's one of the biggest and oldest churches in France and we hiked up to the top. We took the absolute tiniest spiral staircase up to the top (about 350 steps)! it was soo beautiful and sooo cool!

Basically I've been so busy since I've got here. I've been picking classes and stuff and as soon as I have all that set I'm going to make some travel plans. Everything is really awesome and each day i learn something new and love it here more and more! Tonight there is a party at a bar for the international student and we get discounted drinks so I'm going to go and meet some new friends!! Tomorrow is an even bigger pub crawl throughout Strasbourg so I think that will be wicked sweet and I'll find some really good bars! Now that I have internet I'll post a lot more..sorry for the super long double post but I've had so much to say!! haha

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