Sunday, January 10, 2010

Strasbourg or Bust!!

I MADE IT TO STRASBOURG!!! woo hoo finally!! the airline totally screwed us over but we eventually got here! I completely missed my orientation which kinda sucked but the other BC girls filled me in on everything I missed. We've been exploring Strasbourg and it's been pretty sweet. The first night was a little rough but we met up with some of the other BC kids and went out to dinner so we weren't totally alone. Everyday we're settling in more, like we went to a French Wal-Mart type thing and we got homey stuff like a mirror and bath mat and shampoo and an extra pillow and stuff. After we rearranged our furniture in our baby apartment and got all the pictures up it felt a lot better. My apartment is two bedrooms connected by a door, a baby kitchen with a minifridge and a mini stove top, no oven and no counter. It's a little weird but we're getting used to it! We have a WC which is a legit water closet. It is a CLOSET with a toilet in it lol. its kinda awkward cuz it gets a little claustrophobic! haha so i still don't have any internet and that's why i haven't posted at all! I am using this kid in my building's internet but i dont get his signal in my apartment. Classes start on tues so i better have it by then. Apparently there are a bunch of columbians that live above me and I can get their signal I just need their access code, but they're all traveling right now. Hopefully I'll have internet by tomorrow and I'll be able to write about how everything is going and what I've been doing. I have a lot more to say and talk about but I have to let the other kid on the internet because the connection only lets one person on. its dumb lol. Okay well miss everyone in the US but France is getting better everyday! As soon as i have internet I will post a lot more frequently!

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