Monday, January 11, 2010

Yayy internet!!!..this is what i've been up to!

I've noticed over here while it's still the first couple weeks it's all about the little victories! It was a victory to get our tiny little pay-as-you-go pieces of crap phones so that we could finally be in contact with one another. It was a tiny victory to find the supermarket and find the boulangerie and patisserie. Today's wonderful victory was getting internet!! up until now everyone here but me and cammie and our friend sam (all from BC) had internet and we have been totally disconnected from the world! Our schools kept sending us emails and we didn't even know because no internet for us! Susan..our coordinator kept telling us to wait until Camillo (another boy who is from BC and is spending the whole year in Strasbourg) got here and he would help us set up our internet. Turns out it was Susan who did his!! Luckily he introduced us to the Columbian group of girls living upstairs and they all seem super nice. They are letting us use their internet and just pay them so we all share. It works out nicely..thank god..or else this whole no internet ting would be a huge issue!

So basically what I've been up to...the first weekend was tiring but fun! Cammie and I went down to the little mini grocery store and bought some wine! We had red wine one night and then white and rose the second. The red and whites were good for 1 euro each lol but the rose was absolute crap!! I definitely won't be drinking that again! Sam went and got these beers that had 11.5% alcohol in them! They tasted malt liquor or something gross..I won't be drinking that either! lol  but he was a champ and drank 2 before we went out. We went out to a club called Salamande where there was dancing and stuff. One of our friends who is staying the semester in Paris, Doug Hasset, came and visited before his classes started and it was cool to have him here. We met some french kids and they brought us to another bar which was pretty chill but fun. 

Basically we've been hardcore exploring! Last night we went to dinner at a restaurant at this sweet park surrounded by gorgeous buildings. The restaurant was a little more expensive than we would have wanted and wicked nice but it was above a bowling alley that was wicked cool. I definitely would have thought a bowling alley meant yucky food but the food was good! I got this salad with bacon and stuff and there is a poached egg on top that when you break the yoke it dresses the was good but kinda just like a breakfast sandwich in a salad..kinda weird lol. Chelsea is another girl with us and she was brave and ordered "boudin avec les pommes de terres."We knew that pommes de terre were potatoes..but boudin was sort of a mystery. When she got her plate it looked like a black omlette haha..turn out boudin is "black pudding"..which is "blood of pork." GROSS!! although before asking what the black lump was we all tried it and it wasn't half bad. I guess it's really good for you but kinda a wicked yucky idea lol. I doubt i'll be ordering boudin anytime soon!

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