Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Few Random Thoughts...

1.Picked my classes...picked 8 classes...but don't have class on Mon or Fri...pretty sweet deal :)
2. It has been snowing for 7 days straight..nonstop..a light flurry that is just super cold and annoying. I'm gettin a little sick of it Mother Nature.
3. Hey Strasbourg...when it snows you're supposed to plow the sidewalks and the streets and basically all the routes of transportation in your city! Slush is unacceptable.
4. French dogs are everywhere! and soo well behaved!, they never have leashes on but they just walk casually down the restaurants, cafes..its cool. Although with dogs, comes poop, and apparently the pooper scooper doesn't exist in France. Gotta love slushy slippery mine covered sidewalks!
5. I LOVE French bread and croissants and cafe and everything...and it seems to be all i eat (no complaints here)...but it's going to make me fat if i keep eating like this and French people are NOT fat!
That's all for now

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